This is a map of San Miguel that we put together with the locations of our favorite restaurants. So often our divers will ask us about places to go, but the problem is that by the time they get around to heading out for dinner, they can never remember the name of the place or where it is. Hope it’s helpful. Feel free to download to your phone or print a copy to carry.

Our Favorite Restaurants

The Bonita Luna is no longer in the old Caleta.  We’ve all had to move to the new marina (called Marina Fonatur) which is just north of the Caleta.  This is a map that will help you find us in the new marina.

Marina Fonatur

Marina Fonatur

Coming Soon! A map of our favorite accommodations!


(Businesses we choose to support)

XSScuba Link

XS Scuba


Diver Alert Network

Diver Alert Network

Cozumel Surfing School

Cozumel Surfing School

Cozumel Scuba Repair Link

Cozumel Scuba Repair

Buccanos Link


El Moro Link

El Moro