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Kami and Steve Michels

Kami & Steve Michels

We had made many visits to Cozumel over the years and like so many others that visit our island, we fell in love with the atmosphere, the people, the weather and of course, the DIVING!

When we’d finally had enough of the Midwest winters and decided that a change in scenery was in order, we set out to find a way to make it happen IN Cozumel.  That was when we learned of Liquid Blue Divers. We had been diving with a lot of different operators in a bunch of different locations throughout the Caribbean, and it was after diving with LBD that we decided that that’s what we wanted to do AND how we wanted to do it. We visited in early October 2012 to check out the business and employees. We loved the first-class service, the Bonita Luna (our fast and comfortable boat), the relaxing surface intervals and especially the high-pressure, high capacity 120 cubic foot steel tanks and one-hour-minimum bottom times.

We pulled the trigger and took over Liquid Blue Divers at the beginning of 2013…ditching the relative sanity of life in northern Illinois for the chaotic but mesmerizing paradise that is Cozumel.  Since that time, we’ve spent a lot of time making Liquid Blue Divers our own.  We’ve re-powered the Bonita Luna with twin 115 HP Yamaha engines, upgraded most of our equipment and added our personal touch to just about every aspect of the whole operation.

On an island full of dive operations, what makes OUR diving experience different from everyone else?  Well, there are quite a few things.  First is our attention to detail.  We dive with nearly all of our groups.  This gives us the opportunity to connect with each of our divers on a personal level.  We get to know them and understand each of the specifics about their diving and what makes it special for them.  We’ve had many of our divers tell us that diving with us is like diving with family.  To us, there is no higher compliment.

We’ve always been pretty good at conserving our air when diving but it’s always been frustrating when the whole group has to surface because one or two airhogs are low on air. That doesn’t happen with LBD.  First, everyone has 50% more air than the typical aluminum tank.  Second, when one or two divers do burn through their tank, one of us will send up a buoy and safely take the low-on-air divers to the surface and get them on the boat.  (We’ve never been fans of sending divers to the surface by themselves with all of the boat traffic out there!)  Meanwhile, the rest of the divers are able to continue their dive.

What else makes us different?  The Bonita Luna carries fresh towels, wintergreen lifesavers to get rid of the salt taste in your mouth, fresh fruit, cakes or muffins, cookies, rice krispy treats, etc., foul weather jackets, a professional first aid kit and DAN oxygen.  Our groups are always small with a maximum of 8 divers, but our usual group size is 5 to 6.  We offer ALL of our divers complementary dive computers.  We come to YOUR location to pick up your gear, rinse and securely store your gear during your stay and return it to YOUR location clean, dry and ready to pack.  Ours is a true valet service.

Liquid Blue Divers