How much should you tip your scuba dive boat crew and why?

Juan and Javier Crew of the Bonita Luna

Juan and Javier
Crew of the Bonita Luna

Probably the one question we receive from our divers more often than any other is about tipping.

“What’s an appropriate amount to tip the crew?”

The link below provides an excellent article about what’s an appropriate amount to tip, and additional information about all that goes on behind the scenes and why good crews earn their tips.  Those who know Juan and Javier have already seen much of what this article describes.

How Much Should You Tip Dive Boat Crew and Why?

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Kami and Steve Michels

So, since we’ve now been at this crazy dream for two years, it seemed like a good time to update our “message.”

The first thing that Kami and I want to say is THANK YOU to all of you who have found your way back to us and to those who have tried us out for the first time. It’s only because of all of you and your willingness to spread the word about us that we have been so successful these past two years.

In looking back at the last two years, all I can say is “what a ride!” We took over in early January, 2013. Shortly after that, I had to go back to the states to finalize our move down to the island. Meanwhile, Kami was on the island by herself and was tasked with learning/running a new business in a country whose language she didn’t speak. Aside from the language barrier, the other HUGE issue was learning who to trust. Thankfully, we have the best captain on the island in our dear Javier who continually looked after everything while I was away (yes, he still watches over us every day). Helping him look out for us and all of our divers is Hector, our instructor/dive master. We really have an awesome team.

For us, the most amazing thing about these past two years has been the people. We have met and become friends with so many wonderful people. I don’t know if we’re just lucky or if it’s the diving community at large, but the people we’ve had diving with us have been fantastic! We’ve even had the great fortune to share meals and drinks with many of them – what a blast! Another great thing for us has been their willingness to be so vocal about their experiences with us (TripAdvisor, Scuba Board and Undercurrent). THANKS to you all for letting people know about us, but more importantly, THANKS for giving us a chance!!!

So where do we go from here? Forward, of course. We’ve had the Bonita Luna out of the water for a much needed facelift and to take care of several years’ worth of neglect. I wish I had a picture of Javier, as she was going back in the water. He was just about glowing with pride. She’s also been re-fitted with brand new 115 HP Yamaha four strokes! We’ve also been updating our equipment throughout the last two years. Much of it had seen better days. Now we’ve got to start tackling the website and being more active on Facebook. There is ALWAYS much to do, but it is such a gift to be our own bosses in paradise!

Our contact information is all the same. The best way to reach us is via and our reservations page. However, we’ve also added a US based Skype number that we have permanently set to forward to our Mexican based cell phones. That way, if you have a question or concern, we will ALWAYS be there to pick up the phone. If for some technological reason (yes it happens) we can’t get to the phone, please leave a message. We do, in fact, check and respond to voicemail.

From the US and Canada: 210-807-DIVE (3483) and while on Cozumel: 987-111-0311 or 987-564-9792

Cheers everyone and we look forward to meeting you!

Stay Wet!!!

Steve and Kami Michels